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Poverty in The United States of America Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Destitution in The United States of America - Essay Example The government of US has made some significant strides so as to address the issue of neediness. From its underlying stages in 2001, it has thought of numerous plans that incorporate the dynamic annual duty, open help programs and financial improvement programs. (, 2007) The Progressive Income charge demands higher expense on individuals with higher salary rates and the other way around. All residents benefit similar administrations. Anyway the duty payable contrasts. The open help programs expand clinical offices and administrations like food stamps and clinical guide that permit the poor to meet their essential needs. Monetary advancement programs give budgetary guide to help working ladies and jobless to set up independent work plans. These additionally help private ventures that can't confront the monetary shortage. Cash is overwhelmed into preparing projects and steps have been taken to diminish the irregularity in pay levels. The means taken by the government to create full business are obvious. Regardless of every one of these measures by the legislature, the residents are disturbed about the manner in which changes are working and the means taken by the administration. ... The help by the administration for families with pay bunch underneath the dynamic edge determined. Consistently isn't doing any acceptable. A superior measure is keep it as low as 40000 US dollars. (Sawhill, 2006) Statistics show that about 1.7 million poor youth (, 2006) came out of school and work by 2005. The means taken by the legislature to help the young by having independent work programs are powerless. A significant commitment to joblessness is the issue of the previous detainees. These don't discover stable approach to turn into a piece of the general public. The nation with most noteworthy imprisonment rate barely took significant choice to re-coordinate the previous detainees as working work. The idea of giving joblessness protection is obvious. Be that as it may, this being sent to just 35% of jobless is an undesirable sign. (Sawhill, 2006) Fewer advances have been taken to lessen costs and improve the budgetary help. The spending proposition of 2007 likewise has been shameful. It requests poor people, youngsters and older to pay for no profits. This roughly disposes of around 300000 individuals in poor working families from utilizing food stamps and in excess of 35000 youngsters would lose the free dinners and in excess of 40000 poor matured would be denied on advantageous food appropriation. (Kuroiwa, 2007) This additionally suggests a decrease of around $600 million as awards for poor people and furthermore squeezing hard on the qualification models for TANF plot (Temporary Assistance to Needy Families). (Kuroiwa, 2007) This show the government assistance changes of US neglected to work productively. Over 60% of residents are distraught about the

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The Return: Shadow Souls Chapter 29

Somebody was attempting to make her beverage out of a glass. Elena's feeling of smell was intense to the point that she could taste what was in the glass as of now †Black Magic wine. Also, she didn't need that! No! She spat it out. They couldn't make her beverage. â€Å"Mon enfant, it is to your benefit. Presently, drink it.† Elena dismissed her head. She felt the murkiness and the tropical storm hurrying up to take her. Truly. That was better. Is there any valid reason why they wouldn't disregard her? In the most profound channels of correspondence, a young man was with her out of the loop. She recollected that him, yet not his name. She held out her arms and he came into them and it appeared that his chains were lighter than they had been†¦when? Previously. That was everything she could recall. It is safe to say that you are OK? she murmured to the youngster. Down here, somewhere down in the core of fellowship, a murmur was a yell. Try not to cry. No tears, he beseeched her, however the words helped her to remember something she was unable to stand to consider, and she put her fingers to his lips, tenderly quieting him. Excessively boisterous, a voice from Outside came thundering in. â€Å"So, mon enfant, you have chosen to become un vampire reprise une fois.† Is that what's going on? she murmured to the youngster. Am I passing on once more? To turn into a vampire? I don't have the foggiest idea! the youngster cried. I know nothing. He's furious. I'm apprehensive. Sage won't hurt you, she guaranteed. He's as of now a vampire, and your companion. Not Sage†¦ At that point who are you scared of? On the off chance that you kick the bucket once more, I'll be enclosed by chains everywhere. The kid indicated her a pitiable image of himself secured by a great many curls of overwhelming chains. In his mouth, choking him. Sticking his arms to his sides and his legs to the ball. In addition, the chains were spiked so that wherever they delved into the kid's delicate substance, blood streamed. Who might do something like this? Elena cried. I'll make him wish he'd never been conceived. Disclose to me who will do this! The kid's face was miserable and baffled. I will, he said tragically. He will. He/I. Damon. Since we'll have slaughtered you. Be that as it may, if it's not his fault†¦ We need to. We need to. Be that as it may, possibly beyond words, specialist says†¦ There was a distinct lilt of expectation in the last sentence. It chose Elena. In the event that Damon was not thinking plainly, at that point perhaps she wasn't thinking obviously, she contemplated out gradually. Maybe†¦maybe she ought to do what Sage needed. Furthermore, Dr. Meggar. She could recognize his voice as though through a thick haze. † †purpose, you've been working throughout the night. Give another person a chance.† Yes†¦all night. Elena had not had any desire to wake up once more, and she had an incredible will. â€Å"Maybe switch sides?† somebody †a young lady †a little youngster †was proposing. Little in voice, however solid willed, as well. Bonnie. â€Å"Elena†¦It's Meredith. Would you be able to feel me holding your hand?† An interruption, at that point particularly stronger, enthusiastically, â€Å"Hey, she crushed my hand! Did you see? Sage, advise Damon to get in here quick.† Drifting†¦ â€Å"†¦drink somewhat more, Elena? I know, I know, you're tired of it. In any case, drink un peu for the wellbeing of I, will you?† Drifting†¦ â€Å"Trs bon, mon enfant! Maintenant, shouldn't something be said about a little milk? Damon trusts you can remain human on the off chance that you drink some milk.† Elena had two contemplations about this. One was that in the event that she drank anything else of anything, she may detonate. Another was that she wasn't going to make any silly guarantees. She attempted to talk yet it turned out in a string of a murmur. â€Å"Tell Damon †I won't come up except if he lets the young man free.† â€Å"Who? What little boy?† â€Å"Elena, darling, all the young men on this bequest are free.† Meredith: â€Å"Why not let her tell him?† Dr. Meggar: â€Å"Elena, Damon is directly here on the lounge chair. You've both been extremely wiped out, however you will be fine. Here, Elena, we can move the assessment table so you can converse with him. There, it's done.† Elena attempted to open her eyes, yet everything was brutally splendid. She slowly inhaled and attempted once more. Still excessively brilliant. What's more, she didn't have the foggiest idea how to diminish her vision any longer. She talked with her eyes shut to the nearness she felt before her: I can't disregard him once more. Particularly in case you're going to stack him with chains and stifler him. Elena, Damon said shakily, I haven't had a decent existence. Be that as it may, I haven't kept slaves previously, I swear. Ask anybody. What's more, I wouldn't do that to a youngster. You have, and I know his name. What's more, I realize that all he's made of is delicacy, and graciousness, and great nature†¦and dread. The low thunder of Sage's voice, â€Å"†¦agitating her†¦Ã¢â‚¬  the marginally stronger mumble of Damon's: â€Å"I realize she's off her head, yet I'd even now prefer to know the name of this young man I should have done this to. How does that unsettle her?† Additional thundering, at that point: â€Å"But wouldn't i be able to simply ask her? In any event I can free my name from these charges.† Then, for all to hear: â€Å"Elena? Would you be able to mention to me what kid I should have tormented like this?† She was so worn out. Be that as it may, she addressed resoundingly, murmuring, â€Å"His name is Damon, of course.† What's more, Meredith's own depleted murmur, â€Å"Oh, my God. She was eager to pass on for a metaphor.†

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Why is Customer Success so Important in the 21st Century

Why is Customer Success so Important in the 21st Century Customer service and customer success continues to be a big elephant in the room for many businesses. While most of today’s businesses have some level of training in customer service, many don’t take customer service seriously enough.But data consistently show customers are increasingly focused on the level of service they receive when making purchase decisions. A majority of today’s consumers are prepared to switch if the service they receive isn’t up to standard. But what is behind the enhanced focus on customer service and can companies truly benefit from better customer service?This guide will look at the reasons the 21st century is the century for understanding customer service. © | fotogestoeberIn this article, you will learn about 1) what customer service / customer success is all about, 2) benefits of customer service / customer success, 3) the reasons customer service / customer success matters more now, and 4) some final thoughts.WHAT IS CUSTOMER SERVICE / CUSTOMER SUCCESS ALL ABOUT?Customer service is a concept most people in business know about, but not everyone truly understands its importance. Customer service is essentially a crucial part of the product or service your business offers, as it can directly influence the customer experience of the given product. This means that customer service is an important part of building the brand.Customer service is often taken care of by special customer service representatives. In fact, most companies often have a specific customer service department, which deals with customer enquiries over the telephone, but increasingly also through different online methods such as e-mail and chat. While customer service representatives play a crucial role in nurturing customer relationships, most employees in the company need to understand good customer service. For instance, if you work in a retail business, the customer service of the shopkeeper is the first time customers create perceptions of the business and its customer service. Therefore, a good customer service culture must run through the whole of the company.The concept of Customer Success has risen out of this increased importance of good customer service. The concept is about creating a proactive and organizational focus and approach to customer satisfaction. Customer success often looks at the different customer data points, such as user data, and helps improve the customer satisfaction across the different areas within the business.Customer success is an important concept in all industries, but it is often especially mentioned in regards to Software as a Service (SaaS) sector. The sector also highlights the subtle dif ferences between customer service and customer success. Customer success is often more focused on looking at issues customers have in real-time and the methods of managing issues so that customers can continue to extract maximum value from the product. As mentioned above, customer success is often about solving issues proactively, while traditional customer service is more about reacting to customer problems.Nonetheless, businesses need to be aware of both of these issues and while the two concepts are not synonymous, the rest of the guide will look into the value of both in the current business climate. Good customer service will help customer success and likewise â€" in today’s technology driven world businesses cannot overlook either of these aspects if they want the business to succeed.You can learn a lot more about customer service and customer success by looking at companies with exemplary service. Check out the companies in the below video for more information: BENEFITS OF CUSTOMER SERVICE / CUSTOMER SUCCESSBefore we look at the core reasons that make customer service and success vital in the 21st century, it is important to understand the many benefits of creating a successful customer service culture. Businesses can enjoy from a number of tangible benefits if they place enough emphasis on these sectors.Generating more profits for the companyFor many businesses, the key reason to aim for good customer service is the financial aspect of it. A company, which takes the right steps to nourish customer success, will be enjoying more financial benefits to a company who thinks customer service is just an afterthought.Consider the findings of a Harris Interactive study, which found that around 86% of customers stop doing business with a specific company solely based on bad customer service. If your customers aren’t happy with the level of service they receive, they are likely going to vote with their feet and spend their money elsewhere. What is significan t of the study is how it showed the number of customers who do this has risen from 59% to the current levels in just four years.Furthermore, data by American Express has shown that nearly 60% of customers try a new brand or a company just to find better customer service. In fact, 89% of customers often swap to a company’s direct competitor after bad service.These above statistics alone should convince every company to focus efforts on proper customer service. Your business will suffer financially if your customers don’t feel the service is good enough. If you want to keep your customers happy, you need to focus on more than just the product and service.Furthermore, as you’ll see below, many industries have moved towards a subscription-based service, which provides customers more ability to swap if they aren’t happy with the service they receive. With a proper customer success culture, existing customers are more likely to stay happy and continue using your services and produ cts.Data also shows, consumers are making an increasing amount of decisions based on recommendations. If your customers are happy, they are more likely to recommend your product and therefore, increase the customer-base of your business. All of this results in increased revenue.Finally, the bigger the business the more known its customer service record is and this can influence its ability to attract investment. Successful customer service culture can be a crucial factor for investors, as it can provide more security in terms of business success and therefore guarantee better investment returns.Improves employee satisfactionBut the benefits, in terms of enhanced customer relations, aren’t only financial and related to the customer. A successful customer service culture can also improve employee satisfaction. First, employees can benefit directly from better company finances. You are able to provide better financial rewards for your employees and they are likely going to feel more secure in their position. This in turn will also help improve customer service, as employee turnover is reduced.Second, employees are likely to feel motivated because they can see the company cares for its customers and therefore also its employees. If you are a customer driven business, then employees will feel more motivated in fostering this culture and boosting sales. Focus on customer success instead of artificial sales figures, for instance, can directly help improve employee motivation. This in turn will automatically start boosting the sales figures as well.Finally, a clear and robust customer service and success strategy will make your company more efficient. There will be clearer strategies in place to deal with problems, which lessens the burden on employees and make them feel more comfortable.Helps to develop the product and serviceBusinesses that focus on customer service and customer success are also more able to guarantee the actual product or service is of a better q uality. This is because of the better organizational efficiency mentioned above.A successful customer service culture focuses on each aspect of the business and takes a holistic view of the company’s operations. This will make it easier to notice inefficiencies and to streamline operations to ensure customer satisfaction. The best way to naturally ensure your customers are happy is by providing them with a quality service.In addition, your company will benefit from lower risk levels. As mentioned, customer success has a proactive focus on customer satisfaction and you are able to tackle problems at their root â€" before they turn into a bigger operational issue.Furthermore, if, and when, problems arise, a customer service department is able to manage the situation and ensure it doesn’t turn into a bigger problem. The risk of failure won’t hang over your employees or your company.THE REASONS CUSTOMER SERVICE / CUSTOMER SUCCESS MATTERS MORE NOWWhile the benefits of customer serv ice and customer success are plentiful, many businesses still don’t pay enough attention to good customer service. This is partly because in the past, companies were a bit less likely to suffer greatly even if they didn’t always put the customer first.But the technological revolution has changed the way businesses need to look at customer service. The above benefits have become even more relevant and getting the customer service culture right can make or break a business.The rise of social mediaThere are around 7.2 billion people on the planet and nearly 3 billion are active on the Internet. From this vast audience, around 2.1 billion users are on social media and nearly 1.7 billion of them are active on these platforms. Furthermore, the most recent survey by Pew Research showed that over half of social media users are now using multiple platforms and older generations are quickly increasing their usage.But why do these statistics matter to a business? Today’s companies need t o be aware of the ‘bad press’ mostly because of the rise of social media. Word about bad customer service is likely to spread a lot faster and further, as customers spend an increasing amount of time on social media. In fact, one study suggested nearly 39% of social media users actively give feedback on products and services they use.As mentioned above, most people increasingly base their consumer decisions on recommendations and the image they have on the company. If your business has a lot of ‘bad press’, you are more likely to miss out on potential customers.It should also be noted that consumers are more likely to voice out their bad experiences rather than the good ones. Social media has, for good and bad, allowed consumers to post opinions in an instant. Salvaging your business from the negative feedback is much harder afterwards and thus your business could greatly benefit from appropriate customer service to limit negative feedback.But the rise of social media should n’t just be viewed through this negative lens. Businesses can greatly benefit from the rise of social media, especially if they focus on good customer relations on these platforms. This is down to social media being an important marketing venue for many companies.In fact, successful customer service and customer success will be a lot cheaper for a company than having to put more effort into marketing. Dimensional Research found that while the proportion of people who share bad experiences is higher, 30% of consumers also share the positive experiences they have. These positive mentions won’t cost your business anything â€" you just need to focus on nurturing the right kind of customer service culture in your business.Increased amount of decision made based on online experiencesThe above has directly meant that more people make consumer decision based on online recommendations and comments. According to some studies, nearly 90% of consumers are influenced by online reviews when m aking a purchase.If your business has a number of bad reviews and a culture of bad customer service, you are going to miss many customers based on the above statistics. On the other hand, you can also use a good customer service culture to your advantage and increase your customer base by simply focusing on receiving more feedback that is positive.One of the key areas businesses still don’t focus enough is on the importance of online responses, especially on social media. West Interactive Infographic states that nearly 60% of questions and complaints on Twitter go unanswered. This happens even though studies have shown lack of answers can increase the churn rate for existing customers.The effort of responding to social media queries is a lot smaller than having to market your company online because of bad reviews. Nearly a third of consumers use social media to enquire about the service or product prior to purchase and companies should tap into this market with enhanced focus on c ustomer service.Time is moneyIf there would be one word to describe the 21st century, it probably would be ‘fast’. Technology has made us impatient because we have everything at the tip of our fingertips. You don’t need to wait for the next day to buy yourself a pair of shoes, as online shopping means everything is available in an instant and products and even services will be delivered to your doorstep in 24 hours.But this focus on speed has also challenged customer service and increased expectations have made it more relevant than ever. Surveys have continuously shown customers are expecting quick responses to their queries. Oracle’s 2012 survey highlighted how 80% of Twitter users expect companies to response within a day or less in instances of customer service inquiries.As mentioned above, failure to respond can lead to customers taking their money elsewhere, so getting customer service right is essential. Businesses simply cannot take their time dealing with issues any more, but need to react fast to keep customer satisfaction high.Simply by focusing on customer service and the speed of response, companies are able to turn a problem into a positive feedback. Amazon’s focus on quick responses is a great example of a successful focus on customer service. The company’s response time metrics highlight how less than a 24-hour responses attract 50% less negative feedback to longer response times.Enhanced opportunities to buyPerhaps the most important reason why all of the above means customer service and customer success should be a key focus of companies is the increased availability of options. The 21st century is the century for businesses â€" not just the big corporations, but also the era of the small business.The rise of the small business and the technological advances have meant consumers have much more choice available. Consumers are no longer forced to shop only in the shops in their vicinity, but they can shop from producers around the wo rld in a click of a button.This choice naturally means consumers are looking for more than just a good product. For example, your shopping decisions aren’t only based on the product, such as a shoe, but the overall shopping experience. The quality of customer service is an important part of the shopping experience and consumers are careful to pick companies that look after them.Furthermore, many of today’s services and products are offered through the renewal buyout model. This means that customers subscribe to the product for a certain period and then decide to renew or move along at the end. With good customer service the likelihood customers switch to a new provider reduces. Consumers don’t generally like the hassle of finding a new service provider, but it doesn’t mean they won’t change if the service is bad.FINAL THOUGHTSTechnological revolution has changed consumer behavior and businesses need to be able to adapt to this. Because consumers are now increasingly more a ware, connected and more able to make decisions customer service and customer success have become increasingly important for businesses. Focus on customer satisfaction is essential for business success.The advances in technology heighten the benefits of customer satisfaction. Whereas customers could bring their close family and friends to your business after a successful experience in the past, today’s customers could potentially tell the whole world your business is worth the money. Good customer service isn’t just about a happy customer; it is essentially about marketing your business to a whole new audience and ensuring your customers always return for more.

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Culture Behind the Curtain Essay - 2940 Words

Francis Fukuyama, in The Origins of Political Order, suggested that nation-states are mountain ranges. No sooner do they begin to rise, does erosion begin to immediately tear them down. It is a tragic paradox: as nation-states become more powerful they become more fragile, as beneath the formal structures of state bureaucracy there exist populations connected by informal relations and cultural constructions. If at any point these relations or constructions shift political order is lost. In the late 1980s the USSR was eroding: slow economic growth, broken living standards, corrupt political systems, lagging innovation, and shortages of consumer goods were a prominent reality. Communism was being quashed by the reality of costs associated†¦show more content†¦It was an essential feature of US strategy to advance understanding and appreciation of American cultural and political life. Accordingly, both the US Information and Educational Exchange Act of 1948 and the US-Soviet C ultural Exchange Agreement of 1958 encouraged the use of all prevailing communication media (radio broadcasts, print publications, educational exhibitions, film and cinematic productions, and cross-cultural exchange programs) to strengthen US-USSR relations through cultural infiltration. The aim was to allow both countries to learn about one another, and it was thought that allowing each nation to tell their own story, promote their achievements, and encourage study of their language would be mutually beneficial. For the US, such exchanges would produce an erudite pool of scholars specializing in matters of the USSR, and the Soviets, if all went as planned, would accumulate â€Å"a growing number of scholars who had seen the West, and who had recognized how far behind the Soviet Union was, that communism had failed them, and that the Soviet media were not telling them the truth.† The ultimate goal would be to convince the Soviet population to embrace and embody Western valu es. Between 1958 and 1988 more than 50,000 students,Show MoreRelatedCulture Behind the Curtain1317 Words   |  6 Pagestourists. This American culture, especially the scores of Jazz records and recordings, grew incredibly popular. Jazz orchestras sprung up across Moscow and the Soviet bloc, and these groups longed for the opportunity to play American scores in their own styles. Music became a common vehicle conveying the culture of the West within the USSR. Following the war, however, Stalin and his Generals became apprehensive about the damaging effect that substantial exposure to Western culture could have on the PartyRead MoreEssay about Culture Behind the Curtain1931 Words   |  8 Pageswould attempt to jam transmissions of this music too, by the early 1970s, rock culture began to be embraced by bloc governments who simply couldn’t quell the massive public demand for it. Zinaida Soumina, a Dnepropetrovsk official, explains, â€Å"The youth waited for when the fresh music records from the West would appear on the black market. Young people had forgotten their national roots, and their own national culture.† It had become clear that the soviet population wanted not only to listen to theirRead MoreBehind The Formaldehyde Curtain And The Fear Of Dying By Elisabeth Kubler Ross869 Words   |  4 Pagesone can escape death. It’s one of so few unavoidable certainties in our lives and has held an important position in every human culture since time immemorial. Of course, this position has is different from culture to culture, and shifts over time. This is particularly evident in western culture. The shift is discussed at length in two essays: â€Å"Behind the Formaldehyde Curtain† by Jessica Mitford, and ‘The Fear of Dying’ by Elisabeth Kà ¼bler-Ross. Both explore different aspects of these themes – Mitford’sRead MoreThe Danger of Using Literature and Fiction as a Historical Source971 Words   |  4 Pagesli ves of wealthy Japanese and Italian men, women of affluence lived highly secluded lives in each culture. Women in Aristocratic Japan and Italy lived subordinate and entirely secluded lives. In both Japan and Italy, women were excluded from institutionalized learning. Thus, they were less likely to know language. They spent their life indoors if they were wealthy and did not need to work. Neither culture allowed women to hold public positions, but they could inherit and own property. Japanese womenRead MoreDifferences Between Hamlets Mental/Emotional Conflicts and Beowulfs Physical Battles960 Words   |  4 PagesFrisians, far and wide, that the king is gone†. Has Beowulf failed his people? Like Hamlet in the last act of the play, who avenges for his father’s death, Beowulf knows what he must do as king and what has been appointed to him and takes actions of his culture as a heroic warrior. In William Shakespeare’s, Hamlet, the play is a Renaissance tragedy in Denmark about revenge and cultural identity for Hamlet by the duty of his father and the duties to his society. Hamlet’s father was murdered and HamletRead MoreGetting For Yes, By Roger Fisher And Looking Behind The Curtain1589 Words   |  7 Pagesthird approach. They call the third approach â€Å"principled negotiation† or â€Å"negotiation on the merits†. I submit that the procedures proposed in Getting to Yes alternatively break down to two simplistic themes, â€Å"Emotional Chess† and â€Å"Looking Behind the Curtain,† which are broadly applicable in contemporary negotiation. Additionally, I submit that within the authors’ procedures are four tactics which vary in applicability depending on the details the negotiation. The first of the two themes in GettingRead MoreFilm Adaptation of William Shakespeares Hamlet1644 Words   |  7 Pagescreated an adaptation of the story to fit their cultural and national perspectives. In the western world, adaptations of Hamlet have been more concerned with psychological or military theories regarding the story more than the inclusion of their unique cultures. Hamlet has been called by some as a universal story because it appeals to such a large array of different peoples. Each adaptation of the play chooses to focus on different aspects of the play in order to draw audience attention to certain pointsRead MoreThe Cause For The Vietnam War1442 Words   |  6 Pagesanti-communist policies of Western culture had the greatest direct influence in causing the Vietnam War, but were not enough reason to send troops to the area. The United States and Western Europe had similar attitudes toward communist ideologies, with political leaders implementing policies that were intended to limit the spread of communism. British Prime Minister Winston Churchill spoke of the division between communist and democratic capitalist states by calling it an Iron Curtain that had cut Europe inRead MoreThe Role Of Black Women And The 18th And 19th Century Art1659 Words   |  7 Pagesappears to be a church, and this is evident considering that there is a cross in the top right corner. The pulpit, in the bottom left corner, also confirms that the space is indeed a Christian space of worship. To the left of the figure is a dark blue curtain that confines the figure in the painting. The most basic building block of any artwork is line; Kaphar uses classical lines to direct viewers’ eyes around the artwork, a type of line that is analytical and identified by horizontal and vertical linesRead MorePostcards from Chinatown - Analysis1299 Words   |  6 Pagesof Singapore’s past and heritage, likening the past to no more than just a cinematic film, where it is just a hologram projected onto a screen. In â€Å"Postcards from Chinatown†, the poet calls our daily lives â€Å"our performance†, and our proclaimed culture as merely a â€Å"stage†. But what can we draw from the poet assimilating the past to a stage performance? Firstly, stage performances provide the audience with a sense of intimacy as well as reality. The performance is acted out live in front of

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Proposal of Director’s Interpretations for Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet is one of the most well loved plays and the mastermind behind it is none other than the great Shakespeare. This story has become one of the most iconic tragic teen love stories of our time. It has been reinterpreted differently by various people, each trying to present their own ideas and take of the play. Therefore, as a director, we have a tricky job. How do we in a way add more to the play? What is it that we can do to give our audience a fresh experience? Therefore, this interpretation of the play, my interpretation, has been thoroughly thought about to address all these concerns. I sincerely hope our audience has a wonderful experience as we bring to light new concepts and ideas. One of the biggest worries when reinterpreting the play is whether or not to change is context; for our audience, as a director we must contemplate about whether or not it is better to change the context to make it more applicable to our society or to just leave it. However, in this case, I have decided to change the setting of the play by modernizing it to be set in modern America. The modernization of the play will allow for a new canvas where a whole new variety of ideas can be explored. As I want to emphasise the extent of the violence and rivalry originally embedded in the play, I have also decided to have the concept of gangs incorporated into my interpretation of the play. The concept of gangs will also be a medium to expand on the theme of the â€Å"ancient grudge†. The

Stefan’s Diaries Bloodlust Chapter 30-31 Free Essays

Chapter 30 October 19, 1864 I’m out of danger, but I don’t feel safe. I wonder if I’ll ever feel safe again, or will I forever long for a desire that I’ll never fulfill? Will I get used to the ache? Twenty, two hundred, two thousand years from now, will I even remember these weeks? And will I remember Callie and her red hair, her laugh? I will. I have to. We will write a custom essay sample on Stefan’s Diaries: Bloodlust Chapter 30-31 or any similar topic only for you Order Now Callie has saved me and given me another chance at life. In a way, it’s like she was the daylight that followed the darkness Katherine had cast upon my existence. Katherine turned me into a monster, but Callie has changed me back into the Stefan Salvatore I’m proud to be. I wish her love. I want nothing but the best for her. I want for her to live in the light and find a man–a human–who will appreciate and adore her, who will take her away from Gallagher’s house forever to a quiet home on a lake, where she can teach her children to skip stones. I woke in the middle of the night to what I thought were hailstones bouncing against the windowpane. Despite Lexis rules, I peeked through a tiny slit in the curtains and squinted into the darkness. The trees were bare, their branches like ghostly limbs stretching toward the sky. Though it was a moonless night, I could see a raccoon scamper through the yard. And then, a figure standing timidly behind one of the columns on the portico. Callie. I hastily pulled on a shirt and slipped down the stairs, taking care to not make any noise. The last thing I wanted was for Buxton or Lexi to know that a human had followed me home. The door shut with a thud behind me, and I saw Callie jump. â€Å"Im here,† I whispered, feeling thrilled, confused, and excited, all at once. â€Å"Hi,† she said shyly. â€Å"Are you going somewhere?† I asked, nodding at her bag. â€Å"I hope so.† She clasped my hands with her own. â€Å"Stefan, I dont care what you are. Ive never cared. And I want to be with you.† She looked into my eyes. â€Å"I I love you.† I gazed at the ground, a lump in my throat. Back when I was a human, I thought Id loved Katherine until I saw her, chained up, muzzled, and foaming at the mouth. Id felt nothing but disgust at that vision. And yet Callie had seen me unconscious, bleeding from vervain, staked by captors, and pummeling my brother in the ring, and she still loved me. How was that possible? â€Å"You dont have to respond,† Callie rushed on. â€Å"I just had to tell you. And Im leaving no matter what. I cant stay here with Father, not after everything thats happened. Im getting on the train, and you can come with me. But you dont have to. But I want you to,† she babbled. â€Å"Callie!† I interrupted, placing a finger to her lips. Her eyes widened, shifting between fear and hope. â€Å"I would go with you anywhere,† I said. â€Å"I love you, too, and I will for the rest of my life.† â€Å"You mean your un-life,† she said, her eyes dancing. â€Å"How did you know where I lived?† I asked, suddenly shy. Callie blushed. â€Å"I followed you home once. When you ran away after the first vampire fight. I wanted to know everything about you.† â€Å"Well, now you do.† Unable to restrain myself, I pulled her into my arms and lowered my lips to hers, no longer afraid to hear the blood coursing in her veins or to hear her heart beat faster in anticipation. She tightened her grip around me, and our lips touched. I hungrily kissed her, feeling the softness of her lips against mine. My fangs didnt grow, my desire was all for her, in her human form, as she was. She was soft and warm and tasted like tangerines. In those moments, I imagined our future. Wed take the train as far away from New Orleans as possible, maybe to California, or perhaps even sail to Europe. Wed nest in a little cottage and keep livestock for me to feed from, and Callie and I would live out our days together, away from the prying eyes of society. A nagging thought tugged at the corner of my mind: Would I turn her? I hated the thought of doing it, of sinking my teeth into her white neck, of making her live a life in which she craved blood and feared the daylight, but I also couldnt bear the thought of seeing her grow old and die in front of me. I shook my head, trying to release those thoughts. I could deal with them later. We both could. â€Å"Stefan,† Callie murmured, but then the murmur turned into a gasp, and she slipped out of my clutches and onto the ground. A butchers knife stuck into her back, blood pooling out of it. â€Å"Callie!† I cried, sinking to my knees. â€Å"Callie!† Frantic, I tore a vein in my wrist, trying to feed Callie my blood to heal her. But before I could press my arm to her gasping mouth, an unseen hand yanked me up by the shirt collar. A low, familiar chuckle cut through the night air. â€Å"Not so fast, brother.† Chapter 31 I whirled around, my hand ready to strike, my fangs bared. Before I could move, Damon grabbed my shoulders and flung me across the street. My body hit the road, hard, my arm snapping at an unnatural angle. I scrambled to my feet. Callie was lying in the grass, her red hair fanning over her shoulder, a pool of blood darkening around her. She let out a quiet moan, and I knew she must be in agony. I started to race back to her, pumping my blood to my open wound so she could feed easily. But Damon intercepted me, lowering his shoulder into my chest and knocking me backward. I scrambled to my feet. â€Å"This stops now!† I yelled, ready to pounce. I flew toward him, ready to rip him apart, to give him what hed wanted for so long. â€Å"Does it stop now? Before dinner?† Damon asked, a slow smile forming on his face. I watched in horror as Damon knelt down, bared his teeth, and sunk them into Callies neck, drinking long and hard. I tried to push him away, but he was far too strong. How many people had he fed from since our escape? I kept tugging, trying to free Callie, but Damon stayed in the same position as if he were a marble sculpture. â€Å"Help! Lexi!† I roared, as Damon sent me flying backward with a swift jab of his elbow. I hit the grass with a thud. Damon kept drinking. I realized with horror that Callies moaning had stopped. So had the steady, thrumming sound of blood Id gotten so used to hearing in Callies presence. I fell to my knees. Damon turned toward me, his face smeared with blood. Callies blood. I blanched at the sight. Damon chuckled. â€Å"You were right, brother. Killingiswhat vampires do. Thanks for the lesson.† â€Å"Ill kill you,† I said, rushing toward him once more. I knocked him to the ground, but Damon took advantage of my injured arm and flipped me over, pinning me to the ground next to Callie. Damon shook his head. â€Å"I dont think I will die tonight, thank you. Youre done being the one to make the life-and-death decisions,† he hissed. He stood up, as if he were going to walk away. I crawled over to Callie. Her eyes were wide open and glassy, her face pale. Her chest was still rising and falling, but barely. Please live, I thought, gazing into her unblinking eyes in a desperate attempt to compel her. I saw her eyelids flutter. Could it be possible that it was working? I want you to live. I want to love you while you’re alive, I thought, squeezing blood from my wounds into her open mouth. Then, as drops fell on her face, I felt an agonizing pain in my abdomen. I sprawled on the grass as Damon kicked me over and over and over in the stomach, a demonic look in his eye. Summoning all my strength, I scuttled on the dew-damp earth away from Damon. â€Å"Help me,† I called again toward the house. â€Å"Help me!† Damon mocked in a sing-song voice. â€Å"Not quite the big man, anymore, are we, little brother? What happened to taking over the world? Got too busy having tea parties with your little friends and falling in love with humans?† He shook his head in disgust. Something inside me snapped. Somehow, I pushed myself to my feet and raced toward Damon, fangs bared. I pushed him to the ground, my fangs carving a long, jagged cut along his jugular vein. He fell to the ground, blood draining from his neck, his eyes closing. For a moment, he looked like my brother again. No bloodshot eyes, no voice laced with hatred. Just the broad shoulders and dark hair that always symbolized Damon. And yet he wasnt Damon anymore. He was a monster on a spree of destruction, stopping at nothing to make his threat of making my life miserable come true. I surveyed the ground around us, finally glimpsing a small tree limb, a few feet away, fallen after a storm. I crawled over to the branch and raised it high above his chest. â€Å"Go to hell,† I whispered, fervently meaning each word. But as the words left my mouth, Damon lunged up from the ground, his eyes red and his fangs bared. â€Å"Thats no way to talk to family.† He scoffed, throwing me to the ground. â€Å"And thats no way to hold a stake.† He raised the branch high over my chest, a gleam in his eye. â€Å"Heres the death you didnt let me have. Slow, and painful, and Im going to enjoy every second of it,† Damon said, cackling as he brought the stake down with all his might against my chest. And then everything went black. How to cite Stefan’s Diaries: Bloodlust Chapter 30-31, Essay examples

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The Stylistic Analysis of Anthony in Blue Alsatia free essay sample

Many of her works had charming illustrations by Edward Ardizzone. Some of her correspondence has also been published. She won many literary awards and the prestigious Eleanor Farjeon Award for childrens literature is presented annually in her memory by the Childrens Book Circle, a society of publishers. The daughter of a British novelist and granddaughter of a U. S. actor, Eleanor Farjeon grew up in the bohemian literary and dramatic circles of London. Attending opera and theatre at 4 and writing on her father’s typewriter at 7, Farjeon came to public attention at 16 as the librettist of an opera, with music by her brother Harry. After World War I Eleanor earned a living as a poet, journalist and broadcaster. Often published under a pseudonym, Eleanors poems appeared in The Herald (Tomfool), Punch, Time and Tide (Chimaera), The New Leader (Merry Andrew), Reynolds News (Tomfool), and a number of other periodicals. We will write a custom essay sample on The Stylistic Analysis of Anthony in Blue Alsatia or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Her topical work for The Herald, Reynolds News and New Leader was the perhaps the most accomplished of any socialist poet of the 1920s and 30s. Eleanor never married, but had a thirty-year friendship with George Earle, an English teacher. After his death in 1949, she had a long friendship with the actor Denys Blakelock, who wrote of it in the book, Eleanor, Portrait of a Farjeon (1966). During the 1950s she was awarded three major literary prizes: The Carnegie Medal of the Library Association, The Hans Christian Andersen Award and the Regina Medal of the American Catholic Library Association. The Childrens Book Circle, a society of publishers, present the Eleanor Farjeon Award annually in her memory. Her work is cited as an influence by famous Japanese animator Hayao Miyazaki. The plot centers round the imaginary trip of a boy, Anthony, to Alsatia. It is understood that the main character is a small boy as he doesn’t interest world’s activities, he is greatly attached to nature and perseives it so sharply and his imaginary trip is characterized with the help of childish way of thinking. Showing that a boy has rich imagination and opposing him to the passengers the author creates a dream-like atmosphere and shows that the passengers have more primitive emotions. So, the author’s message in this story is that everybody can find something beautiful around him wherever he is. And it depends upon a person to dream or not. This text is about a little boy Anthony with a very rich imagination and a romantic nature who once reading the morning newspaper realized himself as one of the passengers of the train he reads about. This story is an Anthony’s dream and he splendidly and incredibly accurate describes everything that happens to him, the mystery which will never be solved connected with a quite little man, who left the train and disappeared in the wood, the passengers form the train and beautiful fields outside. His trip to The Blue Alsatia finishes very suddenly when a young girl he meets says, â€Å"Stay†. And the Blue Alsatian Express went on without him. There are four parts in this text: the exposition is the beginning of the story, the plot development is in a dream of Anthony, the climax is when a little man left the train, and the denouma. The main character here is Anthony. He is an acute and shrewd boy who is able to distinguish between necessary and not meaningful information for him. This is understood through the case of simile: they slipped as through gauze. In order to underline that the boy has a great power of imagination and that he is impressed by the breakdown the author resorts to a long sentence with parallel constructions: â€Å"it described the blue smoke rising from the heated axle, the engine-driver sprinting along the lines like madman, soldiers†¦ â€Å". Besides, the boy has a very romantic nature. The author describes him indirectly. Also, there are other characters in the story, they are: a nervous lady, a fat millionaire and his wife who was very hungry. They were concerned with business, were lack of time and were too busy to look out of the window and take pleasure of nature outside. So, we can see a contrast between the world of real life in which the passengers live and the world of imagination where lives Anthony. At the beginning the story is a third person narration, interrupted by dialogues but then in order to make a deep emotional appeal the author applies for stream of consciousness. There are interior monologues, for example: â€Å"Oh, no,†¦of course not! †. Constant moving of nature carried the rhythm of the story. There are a lot of stylistic devices in the text, such as extended metaphor which helps the author to describe boy’s imagination and his specific order of mind. For example: â€Å"He felt that the gauze, which could not contain the torrents of world’s activities, might house this butterfly and not brush off its bloom†. A special device in this text is framing because we can see a story in a story here and framing is used to express that a story is imaginary. The author applies inversion to intensify the atmosphere of mystery. For example: â€Å"To whom has it not happened, time and again, on his way to the Seaside, the Moors, or the Highlands, to cry in his heart, at some glimpse of Paradise from the carriage windows: That is where I really wanted to go — that is where I would like to get out! †. The author uses also repetitions, for example, word â€Å"Heavens† repeated several times or â€Å"That is where†¦Ã¢â‚¬ . Rhetorical questions are also used to make the readers believe to Anthony, for example: â€Å"Never? † Inner monologue here opens the inner world to the readers. Exclamatory sentences assist to a rhythmic effect. The sounds of the laugh such as: â€Å"Ha-ha-ah! Ha-ha-ha! † imitate the sound of the train and make the story more realistic. The general tone of the story is rather sentimental because of amount of descriptions of nature. The author reaches the ironic effect by phrases of the passengers. The humorous note to the story adds the question â€Å"What happened to him? † when the man left the train. In conclusion, not everybody can dream as Anthony does it depends on a personality. But I guess the author wanted to say that it is not so bad to dream now and then.